Redefining the meaning ofcompassionate care

Chu-Ma Home Care Services LLC was born from the caregiver shortage during the pandemic. Older adults and seniors struggled to find training nurses and caregivers to provide their needed care, leading to overwhelming feelings. As a result, a vision was formed to offer top-quality client-centered care to clients and their families, with the help of skilled and experienced healthcare providers such as registered nurses, certified nurse assistants, and home health professionals.

senior woman laughing with her caregiver

Our Mission Statement

At Chu-Ma Home Care Services LLC, our mission is to empower healthcare teams to provide client-centered care that truly understands and meets the unique needs of each individual we serve. We believe that every person deserves to be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect, fostering an environment where they can thrive. Our commitment to client-centered care goes beyond the traditional scope. We actively involve family members, caregivers, and healthcare professionals in the decision-making process, recognizing the importance of collaborative partnerships. Together, we work towards the common goal of optimizing health outcomes and creating a fulfilling and enjoyable caregiving experience for all involved.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to redefine the meaning of compassionate care by revolutionizing the way individuals experience aging and healthcare. We envision a future where every person, regardless of their age or abilities, is empowered to live their life to the fullest, surrounded by a supportive network of dedicated caregivers and healthcare professionals committed to enhancing their well-being and preserving their dignity. Through innovative solutions, personalized attention, and deep respect for individual choices, we strive to be the catalyst for transformative and uplifting experiences that inspire joy, purpose, and meaningful connections.

senior man talking to a young nurse